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Enhance security, elevate viewing experience, and optimize costs

Agile CDN solutions enables you to build and optimize your private CDN, offload peak traffic to third-party CDNs,  and seamlessly switch between public or private CDNs, caches or PoPs within an ongoing session.


Key features

Adaptable routing logic and user-friendly APIs for seamless integration with external systems. Redirect with HTTP or DNS or run as a Content Steering router.
Efficiency at its core: Streamline costs, seamlessly scale, and optimize bandwidth through a tiered caching infrastructure.
Flexible service deployments: Deploy on COTS, cloud, tailor-made hardware or hybrid architectures. Seamlessly mix RTSP (IPTV) and HTTP ABR (OTT) within the same infrastructure for a full range of on-demand and cloud-DVR services to all device types.
Proven reliability: Built on robust Edgeware technology and trusted by 150+ operators globally with a deployed streaming capacity of more than 1000 Tbps.
Highest security: Safeguard against unauthorized access using Common Access Tokens and session security.
Cache agnostic CDN management and orchestration: Manage private, cloud, and hybrid CDN and optimize them for high-quality video delivery.
Seamless in-stream switching: Offload peak traffic to third-party CDNs. Seamlessly switch ongoing sessions between third party or private CDNs, caches or PoPs.

Why Choose Agile CDN?


Keep pirates out and only stream to authorized users.


Cost-efficient scaling and bandwidth optimization through tiered caching infrastructure.


Deploy on COTS, cloud, hardware or hybrid. Seamlessly mix IPTV and OTT services. Handle a wide variety of use cases.


Trusted technology, widely deployed and proven by leading operators worldwide.

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