Agile Content and Ålcom join forces to bring Agile TV platform to the Nordic region.

Agile Content and Ålcom join forces to bring Agile TV platform to the Nordic region.

Bilbao, 20th February 2024 – Agile Content, the Spanish publicly listed company and provider of streaming and internet television solutions, announces an agreement with Ålcom, a mobile and network operator based in the Åland Islands which provides converged mobile, broadband IPTV, CATV and ICT services to over 210.000 broadband customers across Finland.

The main objective of this alliance between the two companies is to provide efficient, scalable high quality TV services by utilizing both companies specialist resources, enhancing their competitive position in a market with significant reach and growth potential across the Nordic region.

Agile Content and Ålcom will jointly manage the TV service, drawing on the streaming capabilities of the “Agile TV Platform,” and Ålcoms established head end of channels and managed service TV team, extending its success with other providers and capitalizing its scalable OTT capabilities.


Ålands Telekommunikation Ab (Ålcom) is a telecommunication provider in the Nordics. Ålcom provides mobile connectivity, broadband and digital TV services to its customers in the Åland Islands. The company also provides a broad range of TV services to businesses in the Nordics, ranging from offering white label solutions, hosting middleware or handling signal reception and transcoding.

With a team of 100 professionals and over 100 years of experience, Ålcom is dedicated to providing a true customer experience. Our passionate team is close to the markets, and we pride ourselves on quickly acting on customer feedback to provide the best service.

About Agile Content

Agile Content is a leading company that offers television technology solutions and services for pay-TV infrastructures and operations, catering to the diverse needs of clients and partners. Through its Agile TV platform, it provides a competitive and comprehensive portfolio of scalable products and cloud-based services for telecommunications and media companies.

With a team of 300 professionals and over two decades of experience, Agile Content ensures that its solution incorporates all the necessary elements to launch and operate an efficient TV business with sustained value for end-users.

Agile Content covers the entire content value chain with a holistic and highly scalable approach, already reaching over 50 million households worldwide. Embracing open innovation, Agile Content collaborates with a diverse ecosystem of companies to develop and drive innovations that will revolutionize the TV experience in the coming decades.

Founded in 2007, Agile Content has been listed on the BME Growth market since 2015.

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