Agile Content expands subtitling portfolio to boost localization capabilities

Agile Content expands subtitling portfolio to boost localization capabilities
Integration of OOONA’s cloud-based subtitling preparation tools enables TV providers to meet the demand for localized content.

Barcelona, Spain – 5 May 2021

Agile Content, a leading provider of digital TV and video delivery solutions, has announced the expansion of its subtitling portfolio with OOONA’s leading cloud-based subtitling preparation tools.

This expansion follows the recently completed acquisition of content processing and video delivery specialist Edgeware, whose product portfolio includes advanced technology for multi-screen subtitling in any ABR format. With OOONA’s cloud-based subtitling technology and Edgeware’s content processing capabilities within its StreamBuilder platform, Agile Content can now help TV providers meet the growing demand for content regionalization, localization and personalization that is set to drive the transformation of TV.

According to Digital TV Research, the global localization industry has grown by 40% in the last three years and is expected to surpass $2.5 billion this year, with OTT content localization being the driving force. While the world’s leading streaming services increase investment in localized content, as discovered by Ampere Analysis, Agile Content’s robust subtitling portfolio will give TV providers the means to gain a competitive advantage in retaining audience share in regional markets.

“For TV to truly transform, TV providers need to disown a one-size-fits-all mentality to content production. They need to create customized offerings for regional markets that go beyond language translations, from meeting legal requirements to respecting cultural preferences,” said Henrik Moberg, Head of Subtitling at Agile Content. “This is where the capabilities of OOONA’s tools are vital.”

Andy Hooper, VP Product Management B2B Portfolio at Agile Content added: “Localization projects will continue to grow in importance as content production and the global OTT audience alike increase in size and complexity. Our key capabilities, such as accurate segmentation and synchronization, are true enablers for innovative OTT content processing. And coupled with our advanced subtitling capabilities, including OCR-based transcoding and now localization support, we are able to address the challenge of evolving TV content for today and tomorrow’s streaming providers.”

Wayne Garb, CEO of OOONA, said of the partnership: “As a multi-national player in the OTT tech industry, Agile Content is developing an attractive end-to-end portfolio for modern TV businesses which OOONA is excited to be part of. With the company’s existing transcoding capabilities, our cloud-based tools will empower Agile Content’s customers to produce high-quality localized content and tap into local markets on a more personal level.”