Agile Content to debut cloud production innovations and FAST channels.

Agile Content to debut cloud production innovations and FAST channels.

The new solutions advance the company’s direction in providing innovative yet cost-efficient technology for cloud production and processing, and will be available for virtual demonstrations during and after the IBC2021 timeframe.

Bilbao, November 25th 2021 – Agile Content, leading provider of internet-based TV and streaming solutions, has announced two new innovations that are available for virtual demonstration from 3 December. 

The Agile Cloud Production and FAST & VoD2Live solutions will enable broadcasters and TV providers to revolutionize how live content is produced, and how linear channels can be created cost-efficiently and with a higher degree of personalization.

Cloud Production innovation


With legacy infrastructures, systems, and operations limiting broadcasters’ ability to utilize the benefits of cloud and online workflows, Agile Content’s Cloud Production solution transforms traditional remote production to a distributed production concept. It allows broadcasters to replace their traditional broadcast stack for a web- and cloud-based application stack that enables remote and distributed production, using standard internet connections and devices in combination with traditional professional cameras.

Agile Content’s Cloud Production innovation lets broadcasters deliver more relevant content at a lower cost. By adopting a cloud-based solution – inspired by concepts for internet-based delivery – broadcasters can treat video sources as global resources. Since all content is delivered and stored in the cloud, they can use Agile Content’s Cloud Production innovation to access and tap into a larger repository of both live and on-demand content when producing live, broadcast-grade programming remotely. Combining professional cameras with regular consumer devices, such as smartphones, using fixed or mobile internet access to the cloud means that content can be produced faster in real time without having to dispatch a camera crew. The mobility and flexibility advantages will be even higher as 5G is rolled out more widely. The solution also overhauls the cost structure of TV production by shifting cost from a peak capacity metric to a usage-based metric, limiting resource wastage and optimizing spend to be directed on value-driven activity.


Agile FAST & VoD2Live channels


According to TiVo, 81% of consumers prefer to tune into free ad-supported streaming TV services (FAST) than subscribe to another paid service. Agile FAST & VoD2Live allows TV providers to capitalize on this trend and the opportunities FAST presents such as attracting ad buyers, enticing viewers with a more diverse offering, and extending reach into highly segmented audience pools.

Agile FAST & VoD2Live lets TV providers create linear channels in the OTT/HTTP (compressed) domain. This significantly reduces the storage and distribution costs typically associated with creating a large quantity of channels in the traditional broadcast playout (uncompressed) domain. The EPG-based solution allows operators to stitch either new or existing on-demand assets on top of a linear channel baseline, instantly gaining new revenue streams by monetizing their existing content. With a high degree of editorial control and scalability, TV providers are empowered to create multiple channels easily and quickly via an automated workflow, all while keeping costs to a minimum.


Not only does the ability to deliver more channels help TV providers elevate their competitive position, but it also allows them to target their audiences in ways which benefit advertisers.TV providers can sell ad spaces in various channels tailored to certain demographics, regions, and viewer interests – giving ad buyers the option to increase the relevancy of their advertising and, in turn, improve their ROI.

“With 5G connectivity set to have a lasting effect on the video industries, it will accelerate how live content is filmed, produced, and processed as TV providers begin to take advantage of its increased capacity and latency performance. It will most definitely allow for fast and efficient production and distribution infrastructures,” said Johan Bolin, CTO at Agile Content. “Our latest innovations will help our customers take advantage of what 5G and the cloud has to offer, as well as recent interest in streaming service models like FAST, in a way that brings cost, speed, and operational benefits. As we plan for the next generation of TV and prepare for our next growth phase, we’re focused on giving our customers the tools to do the same.”

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