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An open architecture system for video content delivery.

Agile CDN Manager

Agile CDN Manager

Agile CDN, by Edgeware, is the next generation CDN that uses the Agile CDN Director & Management functionalities for orchestrating and managing caches.

CDN Management

A CDN is a network of streaming servers and caches distributed across multiple locations, connected by links. Managing a CDN involves optimizing the use of these caches and the network.

Virtualized CDNs

As networks become more virtualized and cloud infrastructure moves closer to the network edges, caches can also be virtualized. This introduces the concept of on-demand, orchestrated CDNs.

CDN Configuration

The Agile CDN Manager can manage and configure both permanent, installed caches and dynamically orchestrated virtualized caches in virtualized networks or the cloud, in optimal locations as needed.
Agile CDN Director

Agile CDN Director

At the center of a CDN sits the logic that manages session setup and load balances traffic across the CDN, optimizing network utilization and user experience.

The Agile Director authorizes sessions to prevent unauthorized access and assigns the session to the optimal cache based on network topology, content popularity, user location, and current load and capacity in the CDN.

This ensures that only authorized users receive the best possible experience while network utilization is optimized.

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Agile Cache

Agile Cache

Agile Cache is a cache software that can be deployed on any COTS platform or as a docker in a virtualized deployment. It implements the basic caching functionality and interfaces required for management and configuration, including clustering of servers, back-end load balancing for cache-fill.

Agile Cache is designed to provide the best possible performance out of the platform deployed on, rather than having strict requirements of specification to guarantee a certain performance.

Agile Appliance

Agile Appliance

The Agile Appliances are using the proven Edgeware server hardware purposebuilt for TV delivery. They are designed to efficiently combine different TV services and protocols on a single appliance.

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Agile Appliance enables service providers, broadcasters and content owners to offer a full range of IPTV and OTT TV services from one platform.


Agile Content’s hardware accelerated TV Servers come with a pre-integrated OS and TV Delivery software for rapid “plug-and-play” installation.

Unified Scalability

Delivering multiple TV services from a single platform cuts cost and makes it easier and faster to grow your TV service offering.

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01 | Optimal infrastructure utilization of permanent caches and virtualized resources.

02 | Combine Private and Public CDN in one management solution.

03 | One control layer for managing distribution rights and policies also when using multiple CDN.

04 | Evolve your TV proposition and increase customer value without having to change set-top-boxes.

05 | Plug-and-play, no need for time consuming installations and upgrades.

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