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An outlet that enables operators to deliver and manage their TV service through both hardware and software on multiple devices.

Agile Device Manager

Agile Device Manager

Manage, monitor and protect all your Android devices, using a single and easy to use interface, developed by WeTek, an Agile brand.

Reduce on-site assistance

By managing all of your deployed hardware from one single place, you are now able to see what your client is experiencing and act on it, without ever setting foot on the deployment site. Studies have shown that 30% of all on-site repairs can be avoided, and are caused by the client not being able to properly explain the malfunction.

Increase Hardware Lifecycle

Make sure your set-top boxes (STB) are up to date and healthy, by making routine and segmented check-ups, and this way ensuring their longevity. Monitor piracy usage and other factors that may put your devices at risk. Don’t leave hardware replacement as a routine procedure and smartly manage your fleet, preventing and monitoring.

Improve Customer Support

Stop losing customers due to bad technical support experiences. With our visual interface, your support team is able to access what your client is experiencing, putting aside miscommunication and reducing troubleshooting times, going straight to issue solving. Earn more value per customer, by retaining and engaging in smart follow ups.

Key Features

Remote control of devices
Control any device wherever it is deployed and control all of your hardware and software’s lifecycle.
Audience profiling and behavior prediction
Know the usage your devices are having according to each user profile and predict actions you must have in place for each cluster.
Pre-emptive action
Get bug reports and act on them before they escalate into a network problem.
Network monitoring
Make sure your network is healthy and running according to your plans, easily adapting in case of change.
After-sales costs reduction
Provide technical support without the need of a technician. Provide remote assistance with real time interaction.
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How can we help you?

Reduce customer frustrations and unnecessary on-site visits. Agile Device Manager (formerly known as WeBoxControl) allows your team to make a remote diagnosis and solve non-hardware-related problems from any location. Increase customer satisfaction and gain further trust.

Device 3d construction
Agile Set-top Boxes
Android Device Engineering

Agile Set-top Boxes

Custom Android Devices for Business
Create your own Android device with the help of our expert team. Make it the perfect fit for your business model and customer needs.

Android gives you versatility
Versatility to make intelligent choices and secure your investments. At Agile, we are experts in creating the perfect Android device for your business.

Fully customizable hardware
Agile develops innovative and highly customizable next-generation set-top boxes. From the board concept to the housing and RCU, up to packaging and branding, Agile has it all covered and will adapt to your requirements.

Short Time to Market​

Our experience, reputation and solid partner network can speed up an otherwise time-consuming process.​

High Quality Standards

We make sure you get exactly what you want, with no compromise. We deliver the quality your customers are used to and expect to continue having.

Great Support

We are with you every step of the way, assuring your project is being dealt just the way you envisioned it.

Custom Solutions

We know each project is different and should be met with a solution that fits its needs. If it is the case, we will design a custom set-top box just for you.

Don’t settle for other standard devices that don’t fit your offering

And because we work closely with supply chains, factories and other agents, we can get you fast times to market with no intermediaries.

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