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An outlet that allows operators to deliver the best video experience on multiple devices.

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Agile Content Experience is the front-face that powers Agile TV

This comprises various frontend components that enable Operators to offer a TV Service as part of their overall package.

Agile Content Experience allows operators to provide their TV Service on a range of devices, including linear packages and premium channels, OnDemand catalogs, and subscriptions.

All of these features can be accessed via a single, personalized interface, ensuring a consistent and customized experience for the user.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best user experience, with cutting-edge UI and availability across most mainstream devices.

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Key features

App support on all mainstream devices that can be branded and themed to Operator requirements.
Unified experience for consumption of linear and OnDemand content.
Support for FAST channels and ad insertion dependable of household package tiers.
User interface that enhances the user experience by making it as easy and intuitive as possible.
Android TV certified for usage in Operator Tier.
Our user profiles include dedicated kids' profiles with a walled garden environment that provides a safe and engaging user experience for children.
Flexible data model that can be extended to support any metadata property, including 3rd party content providers.

Turn-Key Solution

Agile Content Experience offers a comprehensive solution for operators looking to launch their TV service quickly and easily. Our turn-key solution requires minimal integration effort, allowing you to get to market faster.


Agile Content Experience is designed with flexibility in mind, ensuring it can evolve and grow with your needs. You can leverage the power of scale by deploying Agile Content Experience across multiple operators, maximizing your revenue potential.

Third Party Integration

Our solution seamlessly integrates with 3rd party services for content aggregation, curation, and subscription management, making it easier for you to focus on creating great content.

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