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Agile TV CMS

Agile TV CMS

Agile TV CMS is a comprehensive platform that enables organizations to manage and distribute digital media content across multiple devices and channels.

It offers intuitive content management tools that allow organizations to upload, edit, organize, and publish videos and other media assets with ease.

With a highly-scalable infrastructure, customization options, and support for multiple platforms, Agile CMS is an all-in-one solution for businesses looking to transform their content strategy and enhance their digital media presence.

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Drag & Drop Layout

Advertising Insertion

Push Notifications

Analytics Module

Pricing Management

Geo-Fencing & Licensing Configuration

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Agile Media Workflow Manager

A highly customizable workflow processing solution for digital media, specialized in video and audio content for on-demand streaming, which integrates with multiple third-party service providers and software.

Agile Content’s Media Workflow Manager offers a comprehensive set of steps, including Pre-Processing, Download, Post-Download, Encoding, Post-Encoding, Repackaging/DRM, Post-Repackaging/DRM, Upload, Post-Processing, Cleanup, and Post-Cleanup.

These new intermediate steps can include any number of actions and can be processed sequentially or in parallel by any number of custom agents.

Key features

Default & custom steps.
Unlimited sequential & parallel action processing.
Encoding support: AWS Elemental MediaConvert, Ateme Titan, FFMPEG & more.
Universal DRM (Play Ready, Widevine & Fair Play).
Integration with third-party services.
API can be integrated to custom UI or Agile CMS.

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