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Agile Processing is an end-to-end audio, video and subtitles processing platform for video content preparation intended for streaming applications.

Agile Streambuilder

Agile Streambuilder

Streambuilder facilitates the preparation of live and VoD content that is necessary for OTT distribution to any device.

Thanks to its industry-leading reliability and performance, Streambuilder is at the heart of some of the world's biggest and most requiring streaming services.

The Agile Streambuilder product bundle provides accurate segmentation of streams, optimized content storage for on-demand and time-shift services, and just-in-time ABR packaging for OTT streaming (HLS, DASH, MSS), including encryption.

Streambuilder is more than an “Origin Server”, as it can also include Virtual Channel Creation, removing the need to have to re-encode the same content over and over.

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Agile Subtitling

Agile Subtitling

The Cavena transcoding of subtitles provides a simple and quick way to prepare subtitles for OTT delivery.

Add subtitles to your content, either translating the language of the audio or providing assistance for viewers with hearing loss.

This is currently an important requirement, and these subtitles must be displayed at the same high standards as your content.

OCR Subtitles, Subtitle Conversion, Transcoding and much more can easily be made with our Cavena solutions.

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