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Agile Production is a remote broadcast production solution able to integrate any video in a live feed.

Agile Live

Create the future of user-centric broadcasting and cloud TV effectiveness, unifying production and distribution with our award-winning solution.

Produce live events from anywhere with a proven and cost-effective cloud tv production platform, enabling true remote and distributed live proxy production and opening the possibility for talents across the globe to collaborate.

More content, faster and with a variety of cameras without increasing your budget. Embrace the opportunity of super serving audiences.

Key Features

Cost Efficiency

Production capacity expansion with the same resources. ​Drastically reduce cost and time needed for production enabling you to create more content with maintained budget.

Operational Transformation

New operational models with more automation and simpler agile processes between teams and functions. ​True remote and distributed production using proxy editing in a low bitrate master version.

Greater Reach

Create, curate and re-purpose content for distribution on various platforms and formats like Twitch, TikTok or YouTube.


Spin up a production in seconds, use the same cameras in multiple parallel productions, automate workflows and customize processes and user interfaces to your organizations needs and preferences.

Agile Live


01 |  Adapt production qualities and properties to fit the distribution platform and viewer expectations.

02 |  Grow reach by creating multiple parallel curations and versions for distributing on various platforms like YouTube, Twitch and TikTok with experience adapted to expectations.

03 |  Low and elastic costs: using cloud and orchestration, the entire platform resources are adapted to current needs with no costly idling capacity.

04 |  Enable operational transformation with more automation and simpler processes between teams and functions. Increase speed and minimize the dependencies on individuals and risk of human mistakes.

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