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Welcome to a new era of smart television with the Agile TV Lite being part of the Agile TV Suite —a dynamic, intuitive interface that transforms your TV into a hub of endless entertainment. Seamlessly blending functionality and style, Agile TV Lite redefines how you navigate and experience content on the big screen.

Key features

Intuitive User Interface: Navigate effortlessly through your favorite apps, channels, and content with our user-friendly interface. Discover the simplicity of a streamlined layout designed for easy access to your favorite entertainment – bring in an evolution into your existing setup without changing your platform converting it into a new service.
Personalised Recommendations: Experience content tailored to your preferences with intelligent recommendations. Agile TV Light learns from your viewing habits to suggest new shows, movies, and apps that align with your interests – a dynamic evolution of viewer experience.
App Integration: Access a vast array of apps directly from your home screen. From streaming services and games to productivity tools, Agile TV Lite seamlessly integrates the apps you love for a cohesive entertainment experience.
Subscription Broker: Be a subscription Broker having the integrations into the major leading Media Services having one single interface into your OSS/BSS environment. Seamless management!
Any Media Integration: Easily switch between live TV channels and streaming services without missing a beat. Our solution harmoniously blends traditional television with the convenience of on-demand content – be the orchestrator and manage the best User Experience in your markets.
Customizable Themes: Personalize your TV experience with customizable themes and backgrounds. Choose from a variety of options to match your style and mood, ensuring your TV reflects your unique taste – Product requirements and transition is part of our service.

Why Choose Android TV Launcher?


Compatible with a wide range of devices, Agile TV Light ensures a consistent and enjoyable experience across various brands and models.

Ease of Use

Enjoy a hassle-free setup and seamless integration with your existing ecosystem. Agile TV Light is designed to make your transition to a smarter TV experience smooth and straightforward.

Constant Updates

Stay ahead with regular updates that introduce new features, improvements, and compatibility enhancements. We're committed to keeping your Agile TV Light experience cutting-edge. Remote upgrades from legacy services to full entertainment. Match your legacy services and bring an evolution into that.

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