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A holistic approach to TV by unifying production and distribution

Agile Platform is the next generation TV platform, enabling all services and products needed to produce, curate, and deliver TV everywhere, with a unique on-screen experience. 

As a managed platform, it cuts down the hassle and costs to develop and operate leading-edge TV technology to experts in the industry, so that you can focus on your core business: creating exciting and enlightening content, delivering an innovative and engaging TV service in a broadband or communication bundle, or boosting your business with video content.

Managed Service and SaaS or SaaS Assisted
Modular and API based
Leading technology developed by specialists
Trusted by the world's most respected brands
Proven in scale

An opportunity of scale enabled by software as a service

Cloud platforms and SaaS models allow evolved and more efficient ways to deliver technology and functions as Managed Services, operated by specialists with the focus to evolve TV.


We have the expertise and scale

As a trusted partner to several of the most respected and leading TV and streaming services on the market, we continuously accumulate experience and knowledge, pushing the boundaries of technology and the scale to invest in development and innovation. Not only providing solutions to your imminent challenges, but also inspiring what’s next.

The key to your TV service

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We have it all

At Agile Content, we see you as more than just a customer, but as a partner, and our mutual commitment to revenue sharing guarantees ongoing innovation.

Technology Partner

From technology components to managed services, to optional outsourcing.

Managed Content & Technology Partner

We provide TV as a Service, including technology, operations and content. Customer facing, sales, provisioning, and billing are in your hands.

Business Partner

We offer TV as a Service, including procedure, technology and content. Customer contact, sales, supply and billing are all in your hands.

Unlimited Possibilities

See our platform in action with Agile TV

Our unique on-screen experience and leading technology, developed by specialists and trusted by the world's most respected brands, ensure that your viewers will have a seamless and enjoyable experience every time.

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Maximum Quality


Unique Experience