Episode 10

How the Broadcast Industry Can Survive the Internet Biggest Transformation

Starring Adde Granberg

Will the Broadcast Industry Survive the Internet transformation? Don't miss this killer episode with Adde Granberg, CTO of SVT.

Just when Johan is getting all happy to finally have a longhaired blonde in the passenger seat of his Barbie car, it turns out that his guest has a seriously gloomy prophecy to deliver.

The broadcasting industry was built by complex technology that is now being challenged by the rise of user-generated content production on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Going from legacy hardware to cloud-based software is “the biggest transform that a company like ours has been facing”, Adde says.

How does this transformation affect broadcast companies and the role of the industry experts? What lessons do broadcasters need to learn from the internet generation? And will the broadcast industry as we know it survive this fundamental shift?