Episode 9

Codecs & CDNs: Trends, Challenges and Future

Starring Thierry Fautier

Buckle up for a journey through the latest trends in Codecs and CDNs with Thierry Fautier!

What's heating up in the coding space? What lies ahead for 8K? And how do we handle the surge in bitrates and streaming volumes? Johan and Thierry dive into the challenges, trends, and future of media coding and delivery. Suddenly, the discussion takes an unexpected turn when Ruben pops up from his hiding place in the backseat. Join us for a journey into the future of sports and the massive changes it's undergoing.💸How has streaming and D2C impacted the value chains and monetization of sports? How can sports leagues and services remain relevant and capture younger viewers who prefer TikTok highlights to actual games? And what lessons can sports draw from esports and social networking?