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Sep. 15-18

IBC Show 2023



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Are you attending IBC Show 2023?

Agile Content is proud to announce its full-scale participation in the IBC 2023 show. 

Our team is eager to reunite with our clients and associates to co-create the future of streaming media. We are delighted to display the latest advancements in Agile Content’s offerings and exhibit how we have seamlessly incorporated Edgeware, WeTek, and Cavena’s technology and products into our repertoire. 

Cut Costs & CO2

Use Cloud Production to cut TV production costs and carbon footprint by over 70%, revolutionizing efficiency and sustainability in the industry.

Monetize Content

Boost sales and tap into fresh audiences with virtual channels and FAST, propelling your reach beyond boundaries.

Expand TV Delivery

Enhance viewer experience and optimize network usage with orchestratable CDN and integrated multi-CDN

Captivate Audiences

Engage younger viewers on platforms like TikTok and Twitch. Embrace a super-aggregation strategy for exceptional engagement.

Book a meeting with us and don't miss out on dropping by our spot to explore how we can take your streaming media experience to a whole new level.
Agile Live

Create the future of user-centric broadcasting with Agile Live

Produce live events easily from anywhere with our affordable cloud TV production platform. Enable remote production, collaborate globally, and produce more content faster with various cameras, all within your budget. Seize the chance to engage your audiences fully.
Witness Agile Live at our booth with an exceptional demo by our experts. 

Agile TV Platform

Unlock the full potential of TV with Agile TV Platform

Unleash content creation with our revolutionary TV Platform and deliver captivating and unique on-screen experiences effortlessly. Agile Content’s managed platform cuts development hassles, offering leading-edge TV tech to industry experts. Create engaging content, innovative TV services, or enrich your business seamlessly. Meet us at the IBC and explore a whole new realm of possibilities!
Agile Content Experience

Immerse yourself in the best TV experience with Agile Content Experience

With Agile Content Experience, operators deliver diverse TV across devices, including linear packages, premium channels, OnDemand content, and subscriptions. Explore an unmatched user experience through advanced UI design, on numerous devices, a single personalized interface that guarantees a customized journey.
FREE Panel Discussion:

Tackling streaming’s sustainability crisis

Sunday, 17 Sep 2023, 10:45-11:30, Content Everywhere Stage 1, Hall 5

“Winning the streaming wars is no longer about content – it’s about sustainability.” In this expert panel, Johan Bolin, Chief Business Officer – Media & Broadcast at Agile Content, will discuss how the industry can address streaming’s sustainability crisis while continuing to deliver new and exciting next-gen TV experiences.

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