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April 13-17

NAB Show 2024

Booth W1273

West Hall

Las Vegas

Convention Center

April 13-17

NAB Show 2024

Las Vegas

Convention Center

BEITC Presentation

April 16 1:50 PM, W219-W221

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The NAB Show serves as a nexus where various industries converge to enhance the fusion of technology, particularly in the realms of video and television businesses, thereby advancing the craft and commerce of storytelling. It stands as a vital hub synonymous with cutting-edge technology, offering a platform for thought leadership and inspiration in the ever-evolving landscape of media and entertainment.

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We would love to meet you in Las Vegas to share how we can help you create great TV services that attract and retain customers and maximize the value of your TV content.

Produce live events from anywhere with cloud production
Monetize your content with FAST and VOD-to-Live
Offer the ultimate user experience.
Add value through super aggregation.
Cloud Production

Create the future of user-centric broadcasting

Produce live events from anywhere with a proven and cost-effective cloud TV production platform, enabling true remote and distributed live proxy production and opening the possibility for talents across the globe to collaborate. More content, faster and with a variety of cameras without increasing your budget. Embrace the opportunity of super-serving your audiences.

Empower a user-centric TV experience with glass-to-glass innovation

Live Cloud Production: Creative and remote live productions
FAST, VOD2Linear and Virtual Channels: Find new ways to attract audiences and monetize your content assets.
ASR subtitling: Automatically convert speech to subtitles for live content broadcast playout.
CDN Solutions: Employ any solution based on your CDN strategy or combine them to your needs.
Super-Aggregation: Aggregate multiple services into a single, unified interface or offering to simplify the user experience.
TV-as-a-Service: Leverage dynamic technology, premium content, and operational excellence for optimal performance.

Experience the Future of Television

Enjoy your content with our customized Super Aggregation
Transform your entertainment experience with our cutting-edge Agile TV Platform
Experience the future of content delivery with Agile CDN
Enhance your viewing experience with our premium Subtitling Technology
BEITC Conference Session

Elastic Frame Protocol: An Open-source Alternative to MPEG-2 TS

MPEG-2 Transport Streams (TS) have been an omnipresent multiplexing technology for broadcast media transport and storage for decades. With the rapid transition to IP-based workflows, the basic conditions on which the design of MPEG-2 TS was based have fundamentally changed, and the technical limitations are becoming unmanageable. The Elastic Frame Protocol (EFP) is an open-source specification and implementation of a multiplexing protocol to replace MPEG-2 TS. Mikael Wånggren, Innovation Product Owner at Agile Content, will discuss the challenges and impacts of these protocols in the area of broadcast media transport.

Some key questions to be addressed:

Why is the multiplexing protocol important?

Why was an alternative protocol needed, and what are the key areas of improvement?

How can introducing a new multiplexing protocol benefit the media and broadcast industry?

Speaker: Mikael Wånggren
Innovation Product Owner, Agile Content

Sunday April 16

1:50 PM - 2:10 PM PST

West Hall


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Organized by NPAW in partnership with Agile Content.

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