Streaming data analytics: what impacts QoE the most?


Gaining visibility into viewers’ QoE is the holy grail for online TV providers. Not only can this lens detect flaws in the network or delivery path, but it can help online TV providers find ways to optimize their service to keep audiences engaged, costs down, and operations efficient. And what’s more, it can all be done live during an ongoing stream.

Real-time visibility and control of customers’ video quality has been hailed as the solution to poor QoE. But are streaming TV providers ready? Have they got the means to prevent QoE issues immediately – or automatically – should they arise? And which streaming data analytics are most valuable when optimizing QoE?

To find out, we ran a survey with leading broadcasters, OTT service providers, cable companies, publishers, and brands. Our webinar with streaming expert Dan Rayburn dived into the findings, painting a picture on the industry’s current ability and readiness to monitor and avoid quality problems in real-time.

Check out the highlights below. If you would like to watch the full webinar on-demand and download the survey’s report, click here.