Whether you need help upgrading your TV platform or want a specialist to handle your TV service, we have the best technology and solutions available.

Boost your broadband revenue by partnering up with Agile Content

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With Agile Content, you can maximize your revenue potential and turn your marginally profitable TV business around. We specialize in bundling options, with choices for hard bundles that include everything, or soft bundles that are modular and flexible.

We believe that TV can be a standalone business, and we're here to help you make it work. Our service lowers the risk of your TV business while generating real value through our advanced technology, efficient operations, and innovative solutions.

Don't let the challenges of the TV business hold you back – let us help you maximize your profits and take your TV business to the next level!

No connection without TV

Consumer Demand

As more consumers seek streaming platforms and accessing TV programs online, they are becoming more selective in their management of OTT services. If you're looking to stand out in a crowded market and provide a superior customer experience, we can help you by offering aggregated video and TV content as a value-added service.

Flexible Relationship Model

We offer a range of technology solutions and services, and we're all about building strong partnerships. We're not afraid to take risks, and we're willing to invest in your TV business to help you succeed. Let's work together and create a partnership that can take your TV business to the next level.

Higher Revenue, Minimal Risk

If done right, video and TV content should be a profitable source of revenue for telcos. By offering access to the right customer experience, telcos can charge customers for subscriptions or pay-per-view services, which can generate significant revenue.

Bundles are better with TV

Telcos can use video and TV content to complement their other services, such as broadband internet and mobile phone plans. By bundling these services together, telcos can attract more customers, increase their ARPU's and reduce their churn.

The Key to your TV service

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TV increases broadband revenue

TV and broadband are an effective combination that has been proven to increase telecom revenues. Many examples confirm that the inclusion of TV services leads to higher ARPUs, reduced churn, and additional mobile lines through FMC offers.

This strategic combination of TV and broadband provides rich customer usage data, which can be leveraged to incrementally increase TV revenues and monetize the customer base.

Scale is critical, and we have it

We offer a scale advantage that is critical to success in the global telecom sector. With over 850,000 users on our platform and our technology deployed in more than 50 million broadband households, we are in the Top 3 TV players in Spain and among the EU’s top 5 fastest-growing platforms.

Our critical mass ensures continuously increasing innovation and the development of technology, product, and services. This provides us with the knowledge and muscle to manage TV-specific risks, giving us a 2-3 year advantage over our competitors.

From customer to partner

At Agile Content, we see you as more than just a customer, but as a partner, and our mutual commitment to revenue sharing guarantees ongoing innovation.

Our successful technology offers excellent customer experience with smart and modular content selection that provides great value for money.

We leverage our OTT strength without competing with incumbents, and we provide the opportunity to include FAST, Advertising and many new & exciting technologies.

Technology powering leading TV providers

Agile Content, together with the cutting-edge technologies from Edgeware and Cavena, are pivotal elements of some of the most prominent and high-performing TV and Streaming services worldwide.

Our product portfolio encompasses a private CDN, streaming origination, packaging and encryption, recordings, and subtitling, along with a versatile and TV-optimized CMS and the leading Android device management solution developed by Wetek.

We pride ourselves on delivering solutions renowned for their reliability, performance, and scalability.

Agile Production

By partnering with us, telcos can benefit from our know-how, size and scale to become more competitive

Don't miss out on the chance to team up with us and benefit from Agile Content's TV expertise, management, risk-taking capabilities, and revenue-sharing commitment.

"While TV may not be a core business for Telcos, it is for us. Let us help you leverage the power of TV to grow your business."

Caspar Luyten
Chief Business Officer – Telcos