Telenor Sweden rolls out Agile CDN Director to better optimise its delivery network

Telenor Sweden rolls out Agile CDN Director to better optimise its delivery network

Agile Content product enables service provider to block up to 60,000 invalid requests a day from its CDN

Bilbao, 22th February 2024 – Telenor Sweden, one of the country’s largest mobile, TV and broadband service operators has deployed the Agile CDN Director from Agile Content, a leading provider of internet television and video solutions. This new product adoption continues a partnership that’s lasted for a decade, with Agile CDN Director being integrated into the workflow to drive efficiencies and better manage the utilisation of its CDN from Agile Content’s subsidiary brand Edgeware.

The Edgeware CDN architecture has long been split into a session control layer and a delivery layer. Agile Content’s new CDN Director product is an evolution of that and introduces new advanced features such as in-stream-switching of cache or networks and a built-in real-time server side QoE monitoring function.

By putting Agile CDN Director in place, Telenor Sweden is able to improve the efficiency of the delivery of its next generation TV services. It allows the organisation to combine its CDN with its sister company Telenor Norway’s CDN. Telenor Sweden can easily use resources across both networks and in case of the loss of a site, there will be cross border redundancy in place.

Telenor Sweden can now optimise its own CDN peak performance capacity and seamlessly offload streaming capacity as well as automatically scale its services using available capacity in Telenor Norway’s networks, or in a public network where needed. This means no matter the demands on either CDN, customers won’t ever experience any disruption to their services.

Marielle Lind, Telenor Sweden’s technical architect for TV back-end systems, said of the Agile CDN Director: ‘As the person responsible for Telenor Sweden’s CDN and making sure our customers get the quality of experience they expect on their devices, I have a long list of requirements that I want from my network, some of which we just couldn’t do. But with the Agile CDN Director now in place, suddenly so much more is possible. So far, I haven’t found anything that’s impossible.’

Another key benefit of Agile CDN Director that Telenor Sweden has found to be surprisingly effective is its ability to keep pirates out and only stream to authorised users. Agile CDN Director provides enhanced visibility of everything going on in the CDN at any given time, including the use of common access tokens which shows that customer requests are coming from Telenor’s own back end, and not from outside agents, including pirates trying to access a network.

This additional security layer protects a CDN like Telenor’s Edgeware network, and ensures that only valid customers are given access, which in turn frees up capacity and ultimately provides better network speeds for audiences viewing TV services.

’Agile CDN Director provides a completely new level of security. Our records show that we have blocked anywhere from 50,000 to 60.000 invalid requests each day trying to access the CDN and getting to a streaming server,’ commented Marielle. ‘Using Agile CDN Director, it’s easy to identify those invalid requests and deny them access. If we didn’t do this, the network would be much busier with traffic that shouldn’t be there.’

‘Telenor Sweden has long been a customer of ours at Agile Content, growing significantly with their Edgeware CDN in place and it’s great to see that partnership continue with this latest roll out of Agile CDN Director to manage an increasingly complicated CDN landscape with integrated multi-CDNs,’ commented Johan Bolin, Chief Emerging Business Officer at Agile Content. ‘The team at Telenor has quickly seen a long list of benefits available to them – some that even we didn’t know the extent of before they deployed it. So, we’re looking forward to bringing these back to the team here at Agile Content and providing many more customers the same cost efficiencies, operational benefits and security measures.’

About Telenor Sweden

Telenor Sverige AB is a full-service provider of telecommunications services and the mobile network covers 99.9 percent of the entire population of Sweden. Telenor Sweden currently has 2.9 million mobile subscribers, approximately 700,000 fibre and broadband customers and half a million TV customers. Telenor Sweden has annual sales of approximately SEK 12 billion (2022) and approximately 1,500 employees.

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