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Agile TV Platform


StreamBuilder facilitates the preparation of live and VoD content that is necessary for an OTT distribution to any device.

The StreamBuilder product bundle provides accurate segmentation of streams, optimized content storage for on-demand and time-shift services, and just-in-time ABR packaging for OTT streaming (HLS, DASH, MSS), including encryption.

StreamBuilder is more than an “Origin Server”, as it can also include Virtual Channel Creation, removing the need to have to re-encode the same content ever and ever.

Key Features


Broadcast Grade Quality


Leading performance and scalability on premises and in the cloud, proven in industry benchmarking


Virtual Channel Creation, offering advanced content repurposing capabilities such as: 

  • Time-Shift: Start Over, Catch-up;
  • Content Recording: Live2VOD, nPVR;
  • Linear Channel Creation: VOD2Linear/Live, channel regionalization.


Only based on Open Standards, even for internal content storage and propagation (CMAF).


Support for channels conditioning for Server-Side and Client-Side Ad Insertion.


Accurate and advanced content segmentation, including the support for the Digital Ad Insertion/Substitution (DAS/DAI) required markers and the support of “audio-only” live contents.


Pre-integrated with leading Manifest Manipulation platforms.


Can be deployed on premises, on private clouds or in public clouds.

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Cavena Subtitling

Add subtitles to your content, either translating the language of the audio or providing assistance for viewers with hearing loss. This is currently an important requirement, and these subtitles must be displayed at the same high standards as your content.

All this can now be easily made with our Cavena solutions.

Key Features

All-in System

Full end-to-end coverage of the subtitling ecosystem, from Subtitles preparation (with strategic partners) to subtitles distribution in the uncompressed (SMPTE2022, (HD)SDI) or in the compressed (HLS, DASH, MSS, MPEG-TS), including all possible conversions.

Subtitle Conversion

One of the largest sets of subtitles conversions on the market, from virtually any format to the most deployed ones, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR) when needed to go from graphic-based subtitles (DVB-SUBT) to text-based subtitles (SMPTE-TT or WebVTT, as required for streaming applications.

Tried and True

Designed for the broadcast industry, without single points of failure, and integrated with major playout automation servers and encoders vendors, while still being independent from them.

Effortless Set Up

Plug, configure and forget approach. No need to crack one's brain in order to make things work. It is as simple as it sounds.

How can we help you?

Enjoy a leading subtitle preparation and distribution solution with a team that has been tirelessly working on these “two rows” of text for ages.

covena-tv-subtitling scheme

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