Agile TV

The TV that sets you free!

Turn your TV into an entertainment center​

With Agile TV, you can enjoy all kinds of streaming content, as well as the ability to record, rewind, pause or save content in the Favorites section.

You can also download Apps directly on your TV and enjoy the best content in the world with more than 3000 Apps to choose from sports, content, games, etc.


Record shows and series and watch them up to three months later.

Multi Device

Send content to another device with Google Cast Multidevice or watch content from your mobile or tablet on your TV

Maximum Quality

Enjoy every channel with the highest quality available


Access the programming schedule for the past 7 days


Fast forward, rewind, pause, and got to the beginning of what you're watching


Turn your TV into a gaming station and play hundreds of videogames

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Enjoy the ultimate TV experience

Didn’t watch it live? Don’t worry, we’ve recorded it for you! You will be able to enjoy at any time the content broadcasted in the last 7 days.

Record your favorite shows and series. They will be available for 3 months.

Set up a reminder before the show starts! Did it start already? No worries, just play it since the very beginning.

Agile Content

Why would you pay for content you don't watch?

Tailor your experience to the max! Choose the content you want to watch!

Enjoy the latest apps and games!

The best Apps for your TV

Agile TV



Top Quality

Watch your DTT channels and content at the highest quality available


Take your TV everywhere​

Watch TV on your mobile phone or tablet with Agile TV


Turn your TV into a gaming station

Play hundreds of video games with Agile TV!

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